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Art Upfront mission

Art needs to be seen by everyone and this is why Art Upfront is started.

Our main mission is to offer a platform with a reliable and high quality collection of work to access and acquire Contemporary photography. We are conscious that Art plays an essential role in today’s society, and we are passionate about bringing it to you.

Whether you are an informed collector, starting collector or one time buyer, we aim to offer you the best Contemporary photography of today. We know important to have as much information as possible when purchasing art online, while also having trust and security in your supplier.

By collecting through Art Upfront you will be investing in established and emerging artists, thus supporting artistic creation throughout the world.

From established to emerging artists, you will have access to hundreds of quality works of art from all around the world. We will guide you around a broad selection of fine art photography allowing you to buy and enjoy a work of art for years to come.

Every artwork and artist you explore will provide you with an extensive amount of information, from artist biography’s and their previous exhibitions, to the artist’s intention behind each work.

We guarantee quality; all of Art Upfront artists, artworks have undertaken a selection process to offer you only the highest quality selection. Our team constantly researches information about the works to confirm their authenticity and their values.

Frans Peter Verheyen

Frans Peter has a lifetime experience in design, photography and cinematography in the advertising industry as a creative director. Working for big international clients he created design campaigns and shot numerous commercials. His other work consists of fine art photography and documentaries.
 He is owner and curator of the "Unlimited Grain Gallery" and is publisher of the "Silverline Lane" website. Frans Peter has done many portfolio reviews in the gallery and on request for Fairs.

Hilde Bodbijl

Hilde has spent her life as a program- and production manager. Working freelance for clients directly as well as through her job with a big consultancy company.

Quotes We Like

We have noticed that the people who started on film still have the ability to see the person in front of them. Whereas for a lot of photographers who have only ever worked in digital, the relationship between the photographer and the person who they’re taking a picture of sort of doesn’t exist anymore. They’re looking at a computer screen as opposed to the person.

by us

You don't take a photograph, you make it.

Ansel Adams