Marcin Jastrzębski

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Country Poland
Signed Yes
Framed no
Medium Archival inkjet print
Sizes 60x60cm | 30x30cm
Edition 5 | 10
Year 2009

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The entire series ‘Lonely landscape’ were recorded on analogue materials
using the long exposure technique. The series was produced between
2006 and 2009. The photos were taken by the seaside of Poland, Ireland
Sweden, Norway and Denmark. I intentionally don’t describe the places I took the photos of to
isolate each picture from outside information that could even slightly
reveal the content. In my opinion it should stay untouched in its form
closed in a frame. I always try to find places, scenery or objects
which in my photos become symbols for the recipient to discover and
describe individually and give them new sense of being. That
subjective and individual search of meanings in my photographs became their biggest worth.

-Fomei Baryta SILK 310-