Biography and art works by Alek Lindus

Alek Lindus was born in Paris (1965), educated in the UK (fine art) and now she works and lives on Samos Greece.

"Photography affords me a closeness to the present • I use film - it slows that moment for me, there is a tiny magic in the delay - to result. These 2 collections though quite different are related in as much as they are a response to an environment and location that has been disintegrating as I have worked on it.

 “Equinox” is loosely based on the poem 'summer solstice' by George Seferis. It is a cinematic approach to the lingering stories in the tannery district of Karlovassi Samos. There are no residents there and the street lighting is much less than the rest of town. The huge ghostly buildings seen from the street in this way have a poetry at night. Using 'players' in the scene I felt enhanced the mood. There is no artifice in the lighting and the images were composed in an instinctive way.

“Things you should have read” is an evolution of my response to the place. It is my own personal relationship with the interior of one of these tanneries - though it came from exploring all of them. It is about scale interior light and the particular personality time has on a place.
“I was in time, in flight, in finiteness. The present had disappeared, there was nothing left for me but a past and a tomorrow, a tomorrow which I was already conscious of as past.” (Eugene Ionesco - fragments of a journal)"



  • Big Blue, Karlovassi, Samos

  • Artis Causa Gallery, curator Maria Kenanidou

  • Thessaloniki Photo biennale


  • The Art of Serendipity, Getty Gallery, London


  • Assemblage artist exhibition, Gallery24, Berlin


  • Karaca Gallery, Ankara Turkey
2001 Flux, Karlovassi, Samos


  • Xanthe Tessaloniki, Cyprus


  • Parokia Istion, Marathokambos, Samos


  • Perpetual Voice, Manolates, Samos


  • Terra Incognita, BIS Gallery, Germany


  • Illuminated journeys, Doryssa bay, Samos

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 art works
Showing 1 - 6 of 6 art works