Biography and art works by Erik Malm

Erik Malm was born in 1964 in Sweden.
Since early childhood, he has been very interested in nature. However,
it was another strong interest that would become his profession, the
music. He studied clarinet at the Music Conservatory in Gothenburg. He
has also studied conducting. For many years he played in the opera
orchestra at the Malmö Opera as it is now called.

For family reasons, he, however, later changed profession. He is a
partner in a family business that manufactures ergonomic office chairs
since 1994. Now has the time come to take next step, when the images
as Fine Art Prints in low and exclusive editions he shows here in a
very serius way has started to find their home of customer from all
over the world.

His interest in photography began when he was 12 years old. He then
managed to persuade his father to borrow his camera. As interest grew,
he felt no longer that this camera was good enough, so he sold it -
without his father's knowledge. Today he is forgiven.

1999 did Erik Malm  publish his first book, a great photo book on the
Swedish west coast where he grew up. It was in the traditional
documentary photographic style. This book was followed by another
three that concerned the Swedish west coast, and one of the Antarctic
after a trip there in 2004.

It was pure coincidence that got Erik Malm to start with what is now
usually called "ICM - Intentional Camera Movements". You move the
camera during long exposures. In Erik Malm cases it to 99.9% single
exposures. It is extremely rare that he uses double or multiple

Since his time as a professional musician, he is trained to
perfection. The most common subject at ICM photography in general
around the world is trees panned vertically or water horizons panned
horizontally. Usually you can see how the camera is moved, often with
many parallel lines or double / triple shadows or similar. Another
common results are smeared surfaces of the colours without any
distinct sharpness. Erik Malm wanted to develop this.

The results Erik Malm worked hard to achieve has claimed more than ten
years of practice. However, technique is not the goal but just a way
to reach the artistic expression he was seeking. Just as in music.
Emotions and thoughts in different levels and dimensions.

Erik Malm also has a higher purpose in his pictures than just using
them to Fine Art Prints. He is working on a major project about our
planet Earth that he wants to show in a way that has not previously
been made. More books are in the pipe as well as lectures.

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 art works
Showing 1 - 6 of 6 art works