Biography and art works by Andrej Kutarna

"I am an amateur (from latin amo, -are = to love) photographer using large format and
medium format film cameras and making prints in the darkroom."

"I’m trying to capture sights that are worth seeing but remain unseen, I seek the light and that what it reveals. I work slowly, I look, listen, wait… I enjoy the process of trying to create a thing of beauty, bringing to life a vision that will make someone pause for a time and enjoy the moment of silence."

"Apart from exploring the landscapes of my homeland my major focus is the monastic place - both the intimate as in my study of Cistercian architecture or the "monastic landscape" of Mount Athos in Greece."

"All my images are made as either silver gelatin prints (most often lith prints), or kallitype prints, toned in various toners to achieve the desired tone and archival quality. Due to characteristics of these processes each image is unique and may present slight differences from what can be showed on a screen (not to mention the difficulty to
reproduce the “feel” and the texture of the paper…)"

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 art works
Showing 1 - 4 of 4 art works